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I'm Max. I was at GDC again this year, exhibiting Grapple Fisher DX with my team at alt.ctrl.GDC and SHORT FUSE at the New York State Pavilion! Amazing experience and it was a privilege to be surrounded by such talented and passionate devs and other GDC-goers. This comes after the dream come true that was presenting my Gold Winner Game Narrative Review on It Takes Two at GDC 2023. I was also invited there to represent Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences program then with my team's game, Veni, Vidi, Vici. You can contact me through LinkedIn or email (links below).

I’m now looking for an opportunity that will allow me to contribute to a team process which utilizes my game development skills, with emphasis on my specialization in level design.

A genuine enthusiasm and curiosity about game design have led me to my choice of major in Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences. Understanding and acting on player experience is a favorite aspect of game development for me, and bringing this focus on empathy with the player to a team process has had a powerful impact. I’m eager now for an opportunity to contribute to a professional team.

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